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Al'z cafe for Alzheimer's patients | Health

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Al'z cafe for Alzheimer's patients


 The Beltrone Senior Living Center in Colonie unveiled the Al'z Cafe.

Once a month the cafe will be reserved for Alzheimer's patient, their family and friends. There'll be refreshments, entertainment and education in a venue that's welcoming to people with moderate to advanced Alzheimer's Disease- that's because it can be challenging for them to go out in traditional, social settings.

" It holds a stigma, even to this day and people are fearful of other people that are" says Raema MItchell, the cafe coordinator. " And the family's a little wary, you know, they don't want someone to wander off. Or they maybe even be embarrassed and that's why the cafe exists, for those people."

   The Al'z cafe concept started in the Netherlands in 1990. While it caught on in Europe, it's new to the states. Al'z Cafe will be open the first Thursday of the month from 6-8. There is no cost.
  For more info call 459-2857 ext 303


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